Friday, October 13, 2006

Some corrections, and an addition

Back when I was talking about the Wagon Wheel Ruts in Wyoming, I miss-stated the name of the cliff where past travelers carved their names. It was not "Record Cliff", it was "Register Cliff". In looking for some pictures of what we saw, I came across the following site, which I will also add to the affected posting. Thanks to Daniel for his permission to link to his site.

The site includes pictures of both Register Cliff name carvings, and the ruts cut in stone.

I think I have all the other typos out, now, too.


Adam Monsen said...

Sounds like a fun trip, Tom!

Anonymous said...

It could not be simpler:

It’s just a jump to Montana
And a step to Wyoming
With eyes on the road
Bring your petal to metal
But it is Old Faithful ahead
That really drives you insane.

Let’s do the vacation now.

Anonymous said...

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