Friday, September 22, 2006

Preamble -- Day Seven -- Natchez Mississippi

Maybe it was Fat Mama's Tamales, maybe the "Knock you Naked" Margaritas, or the incessant roar from the motel room air conditioning, but whatever the reason, unable to sleep, I decided to create this Blog site to help "trace" this 21 day road trip.  We have seen the home of the Bombers and the infamous "Bad Haircut".  We've skirted a forest fire on the way to the Geyser Grand.  We've seen some of the prettiest farm lands in Utah on the way to Little America.  Speed limits in Wyoming?  Nah -- just a suggestion, we learn, as keeping up with locals requires clicking off the miles at 95 per...  We've seen ruts cut in stone by the steel-shod wheels of thousands of wagons on the Oregon Trail, and the names carved by many to trace their passage.  The North Platte River traces its way off the high plains, meandering along until it merges with the far mightier Missouri and Mississippi river systems, but we leave it in Nebraska to trace some of Marilyn's roots in Oberlin Kansas.  Then onward across Kansas and Arkansas in a giant gulp of 560 miles, staying ahead of tornadoes while battered by 45 MPH head and cross winds, we finally take refuge in the Ozarks where we are treated to a magnificent display of lightning.  Now we are in Natchez, southern terminus of the Natchez Trace, which we will venture upon tomorrow.  The Trace has been in use for thousands of years carrying untold numbers of adventurers from the Mississippi River delta North into Tennessee.  Nashville, the Northern Terminus of the Trace, is our destination two days out, after a stop midway in Tupelo.  Ahh, but I am getting ahead of my story, and I think it is time to call it a night at last.

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